Back To the Small Fishing Village In 1982

Back To the Small Fishing Village In 1982


67 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 4 days ago


【This is a daily novel about a coastal dweller’s life of going up the mountain and down to the sea! No showing off or face-slapping, only the leisurely activities of exploring the mountains and enjoying the seaside! Period setting, daily life, fishing, farming, raising children, family matters – if you’re not interested, please refrain from entering and avoid making negative comments!】

Ye Yaodong couldn’t sleep and decided to go to the deck for some fresh air and to take a piss. Little did he know that he would fall into the sea and be transported back to the year 1982. It was still the familiar small fishing village, but he was no longer the young him from before. After messing around for half his life, this time he wanted to start over and do things right. However, why doesn’t anyone believe him……

In the previous life, he had no achievements, and in this life, he didn’t have any big dreams or ambitions either. He just wanted to make up for regrets and live a good life with his wife, hoping for a peaceful and happy family.

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