Harem God Of Origin

Harem God Of Origin

260 Chapters Ongoing Status


Harem God Of Origin (ATG),

Ling Yunlong is an apathetic youth who was about to truly enter a.d.u.l.thood and was searching for his future, only for a phenomenon to occur that would forever change his life, and the life of millions of individuals across thousands of universes in the omniverse.

Finding himself in a situation where the common sense of his world could not explain his predicament, Yunlong was driven to madness before the Creator appeared before him, making him the successor of the Void.

Reincarnating into the Against the Gods universe and reborn as Yun Long, he decided to pave his way to the peak of existence in his new life, but it seems that the Creator may have other ideas for Yun Long and his so called traverse to the peak!

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