I Hate You the Most in the World!

I Hate You the Most in the World!

세상에서 네가 제일 싫어!

132 Chapters Ongoing Status
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Before I died, I ended up being possessed by the character ‘Riett,’ a childhood friend of the male protagonist Evan, from a web novel I read.

The problem is that when the original female lead appears, Riett is forsaken by Evan like a discarded companion.

“Evan, you jerk.”

Knowing that the ending would be tragic if she falls in love with the male lead, Riett naturally became both antagonistic and a rival to Evan.

As I expected, the female lead eventually appeared, and I thought this tiresome relationship would finally end…

By chance, I met Evan in a place where I sought refuge due to a conspiracy.

“Our connection is quite persistent, isn’t it? Right, Evan?”


“The way we snarl at each other, you must have been sick of it too.”

“Yeah, I’m tired of it.”

“So let’s put an end to this relationship now.”


Once again, I expected him to say “Yeah,” but Evan responded with an expressionless face. For some reason, his eyes seemed sorrowful today.



“Do you really think that we coincidentally met today?”

It was a completely unexpected remark.

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