If I Can’t Be a Fanboy, I Can Only Debut

If I Can’t Be a Fanboy, I Can Only Debut


23 Chapters Ongoing Status
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I am an ordinary fanboy.

Just like those ordinary fangirls on the internet, I have a few hundred crushes as well.

I always believed that as long as I switched crushes quickly enough, my heart wouldn’t be broken.

But as I walked along the riverbank for a long time, I couldn’t resist and fell for a young idol, who became my main focus.

This young idol is good-looking and talented, and I constantly praised myself for having good taste.

However, there’s one problem: he’s a bit clueless.

At first, I comforted myself by saying that being clueless has its advantages and that I could make him familiar with me with a little effort.

As time went by…

I could push him harder and closer!

I made him practice harder, work harder, and become a top idol!

Unfortunately, being blinded by his beauty, I forgot a word: “homicide.”

One day, when I woke up and saw the various endorsements my young idol was making, I noticed that his name was closely tied to that of a third-rate internet celebrity.

My world came crashing down.

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