Monarch of Darkness, Arsene

Monarch of Darkness, Arsene

by Lord_Damocles

1256 Chapters Ongoing Status
Last Update 2 hours ago


My end was not majestic, my beginning was not beautiful, but I will make damn sure that I rise once more. No more shall I bend a knee, no more shall I hide, no more shall I cower. No more shall the light guild my path, for only Darkness remains.


Killed by the universe’s greatest killer, Truck-Kun. My existence was twisted as I gazed up at King-Yama, staring down at me with revulsion, «You sick bastard, you ate people.» He bellowed, glaring at me with disgust.

Snorting, I gathered my courage raising my head high and proud, my voice carrying a hint of pride, «So what, have you ever tried it…Let me ask you, have you ever had sex.»

A bewildered expression hung on his rugged appearance as he absentmindedly nodded. A slight smirk crossed my face as I declared, «then have you ate ass,»

«WHAT!!!» He balled in panic, shivering like a guilty man on trial.

«HAHA, you call me disgusting, but it appears you were sucking ass, now that is truly disgusting. I don’t judge, but if you ask me, I will stick to cannibalism.»


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