Disciplinary Code

Disciplinary Code


89 Chapters Ongoing Status


Three years after breaking up, Ji Yao encountered his ex-boyfriend, Jiang Heng, at a bar.

Jiang Heng was known in their circle as a playboy with a vast selection of potential partners, but with one good trait—he only dated one person at a time, never cheating.

Ji Yao had originally thought of himself as just an ordinary fish in Jiang Heng’s pond, until three years later when he saw the coin used to decide heads or tails on Jiang Heng’s bedside table.

Lawyer X Doctor Jiang Heng X Ji Yao

Notes: 1: Adults, neither the top nor the bottom are perfect characters, and both have had previous boyfriends except for each other. The bottom was the ex-boyfriend in the past.

2: Both are at fault in the broken relationship, and neither is perfect

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