Looking After a Battle God With Hundreds of Billions in Supplies

Looking After a Battle God With Hundreds of Billions in Supplies

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After transmigrating, Su Ying, Major General of the End Times War Troops, became a b*tch who conspired with a jerk to murder her husband. As soon as she transmigrated, she found herself stuck with two children and a handicapped husband who could end her life at any moment.

Su Ying waved her hand dismissively. This was a piece of cake compared to the injuries she had dealt with on the battlefield. She had even suffered from not having food or water whilst being hunted down. This was a walk in a park.

Su Ying had her own space for resources. She had meat in one hand and alcohol in the other. She’d kill every assassin who came her way.

Not only was she able to heal her handicapped husband, but she also managed to raise her children well. She built a house and farmland around it. She eventually established her own civilization and empire. She was the queen of her own nation.

Once her husband fully recovered, she helped him by clearing his name and getting back everything that belonged to him in Shangjing. She then tossed divorce papers on the table so that they could part ways and enjoy their own lives away from each other.

He clenched his jaw. “Try getting a divorce if you dare!”

Her two children wrapped their arms around her legs. “Mommy, don’t you want your babies anymore?”

Su Ying placed one hand on her forehead. Fine, I’ll take them all!


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