Returning to Infancy with my Nemesis

Returning to Infancy with my Nemesis


11 Chapters Ongoing Status


In the previous life, Tang Mian and his nemesis Fu Shizhao fought their whole lives, from their student days of constant conflict to later battles in the business world. Within the circles of Beijing, everyone knew that when these two collided, sparks would fly.

Then, a car accident sent Tang Mian back to his childhood.

He was still the young master of the Tang family. Despite his delicate and handsome appearance, he had a natural hearing impairment in his right ear, requiring the use of hearing aids for daily life. He was the darling of the whole family.

Staring at the little Fu Shizhao in the crib looking back at him, Tang Mian directly snatched the milk bottle from his hand and chugged it down.

At this moment, Fu Shizhao had not yet been recognized by the Fu family and was still the little child of the Tang family’s driver. He was the childhood playmate of young master Tang Mian. At this time, the Tang family had not yet been framed by malicious individuals, his older brother had not committed su*cide, his father had not been in a car accident, and his mother had not suffered from mental illness.

Truly, the heavens had eyes, granting him a chance to completely overpower Fu Shizhao and change the fate of the Tang family.

-After finishing the milk, Tang Mian directly snatched the little blanket from Fu Shizhao’s body, lifted his little feet, secretly contemplating a plan, and drowsily fell asleep.

The attending nannies —

“The young master really adores little Zhao. He drank up the milk for him knowing he doesn’t like it.”

“Is the young master feeling cold? Let’s raise the temperature in the nursery a bit more.”

“Zhaozhao seems to really like the young master’s company too, running over to cuddle up with him.”

Snatching the milk bottle and small blanket wasn’t enough. Tang Mian embarked on the long and winding road of “pampering” Fu Shizhao —

Young Tang Mian in kindergarten: “From now on, you’ll be my little follower!”

Elementary school Tang Mian: “Did you buy snacks for me?”

Middle school Tang Mian: “Did you finish your homework? If you did, help me with mine.”

High school Tang Mian: “I can’t get up… Could you bring me breakfast when you pick me up?”

University Tang Mian: “Sign me in for the 8 AM class and join me for weekend gatherings.”

Fu Shizhao, who had been conditioned by these experiences since childhood, obediently accepted it all, making Tang Mian extremely satisfied. Thanks to his interventions, the Tang family flourished, dealing a heavy blow to their adversaries.

Until one day, Tang Mian discovered Fu Shizhao’s diary.

It was filled with entries about him.

“He was so cute when he was little, and he had a pleasant fragrance.”

“I love the way he bosses me around.”

“I signed up for the same program as him, contacted the school, and we’ll be roommates.”

“I want to become his ‘right ear.’”

Tang Mian: …

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